About Hizart Dental Laboratory

Bill Hizart has 30 years experience as a dental technicianAustralian owned and managed: Bill Hizart established Hizart Dental Laboratory Pty Ltd 27 years ago. The dental laboratory is owned and managed by Bill and his wife Christine. The modern dental laboratory is located in Sutherland in Sydney’s south.

Experience matters: Bill Hizart has more than 30 years experience as a dental technician. Bill has a Diploma of Dental Technology; an Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics; was awarded the Gerry McGuire Memorial Prize for the most consistent student in the graduating Advanced Diploma class of July 2009 and is a Full Practising Member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association and the Oral Health Professionals Association. He is qualified to construct and insert implant-retained overdentures. As a mentor and practitioner he brings a depth of knowledge to all dental lab cases especially difficult or unusual ones.

Bill is also available to consult with patients direct at Southside Denture Clinic. Southside Denture Clinic is located on the same site as Hizart Dental Laboratory.

A business built on reputation: Hizart Dental Laboratory enjoys a reputation for outstanding quality and reliability. Much of the business comes from personal referrals. Bill and his team understand that working with a reliable and capable dental laboratory helps build their clients’ reputations. 

Local technicians: Bill Hizart believes in employing and developing local technicians. Most of the staff completed their traineeships with Hizart Dental and there are opportunities for advancement within the company. Being an “employer of choice” within the dental industry Hizart Dental attracts quality technicians.

The company believes in supporting Australian jobs and all Hizart Dental work is 100% Australian made.

End to end professionalism: The dedicated front office administrators Judy and Neroli, are responsible for all-important customer service. We employ dedicated dental laboratory management software, LabTrac, for the professional running of the lab.

At Hizart Dental we use only quality materials from reliable suppliers including top of the range VITA and Ivoclar denture teeth.

Our qualified team of dental technicians are all trained in the Hizart way and provide the best quality work to all our clients. They design and deliver solutions with the patients’ wellbeing a priority.

Recognising a job is not finished till it is safely delivered, Hizart Dental Laboratory maintains relationships with a range of reliable couriers to suit our clients’ needs. For interstate and regional clients we use Australia Post’s Express Post service.

Advice at hand: At Hizart Dental Laboratory advice is at the end of the phone. Bill and our senior technicians are available to confer on difficult cases; to discuss options and provide advice; and to assist in providing the best outcome for your patients.

Quality at every step is guaranteed:  We are committed to continual process improvement. At Hizart Dental Laboratory we are always on the lookout for new and improved materials and techniques. And, we undertake total quality assurance on every job before it leaves our premises.

When you choose to work with Hizart Dental Laboratory you are choosing highly qualified technicians working within Australia according to Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) standards, and using the best and safest materials.